Langholm Road Frontage

The Langholm Hotel

Front entrance - Langholm Hotel

Langholm - Road view

Langholm Hotel - Road view

Langholm Hotel - Road frontage

Road View - Langholm Hotel

Langholm Reception and Lounge

Langholm Hotel - Reception

Langholm Lounge

Reception @ the Langholm

The lounge @ the Langholm

Proof of roof entry by Nic aka Basil aka Dave

Langholm Dining Room

Langholm Hotel - Part Restaurant

Dining Room

Langholm Dining Room

Dining Room

Langholm Wine Cellar

The cover of the Langholm's Wine List

The Langholm's Red Wine Cellar

Red wine cellar

Wine Cellar @ the Langholm

The NightCap Bar

The NightCap Bar

The NigthCap Bar

The NightCap Bar

Across the NightCap Bar counter

The NightCap Bar

The Coaster collection in the NightCap Bar

The punishment machine

The Jagermeister Stag Head

I am in charge............

A corner flag from the World Cup Final

The other jersey in the Men's toilet

The jersey in the Men's Toilet

The Province!! WP!!

Newcastle United - Alan Shearer signed

The Punishment Bell!

It says it all..............

Lions Rugby Jersey

The Jagermeister Stag Head above the white wine chiller

Langholm Gardens and Outdoor areas

aerial image

The Slave Bell

The Slave Bell

Thw walkway between room 1-4 and 5-8

The birds ......

Cruise vessel in port as seen over the roofs of the Langholm

View over the top of the garden towards the Slave Bell

Outdoor seating area

The rear pathway

A garden pic

Palm tree outside room 12

Slave Bell entrance to Rooms 1-8

Outdoor seating area outside NightCap Bar and Dining Room

View towards rooms 1-4

Langholm Rooms

Luxury Suite #17

Luxury Suite Lounge

Luxury Suite Bathroom

Luxury Room #16

Luxury Room

Luxury Room Bathroom

Rooms 12 and 14 entrances

Double Room #14

Twin/Triple Room #12

Room 12 Bathroom

Twin Room #7

Room 6 entrance

Double Room #6

Room 6 Bathroom

Double Room #5

Room 5 Bathroom

Twin Room #4

Room 4 Bathroom

Double Room #3

Room 3 entrance

Langholm Pets

Keeping watch

Standing beat outside the NightCap Bar

Always alert

A cat asleep on the wall enjoying the sun

A closer look at the ostriches in the garden

Cat in the garden

A cat enjoying the shade

A cat has dug up the garden

A cat hideout

Leave me alone

                                                     The Langholm elsewhere

Dickie Stone taking the Langholm to Florida

The Langholm flies in style and always watered...

The Langholm flies BA Business Class