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Things to do in Walvis Bay

Things to do in Walvis Bay

Situated on the edge of the Namib Desert, Walvis Bay is renowned for its natural beauty. The surrounding desert, awe-inspiring scenery, and wide open spaces make this an ideal city to explore during your stay at the Langholm Hotel. While it may be tempting to stay in and enjoy our amenities, there are a host of nearby attractions and activities for the whole family to experience.

Step outside your hotel’s doors and explore all that Walvis Bay has to offer. From thrilling safari adventures to exhilarating kayaking, there is plenty to keep you and your family entertained. If the thought of experiencing new adventures appeals to you, then you will be spoiled for choice in Walvis Bay. Check out our suggestions of nearby attractions and get ready to be enthralled.

Activities in Walvis Bay

Namibian Sand & Sea Adventures

Mola Mola Safaris offers you the chance to experience the Namibian coast and desert in a unique way. Located at the Walvis Bay waterfront, they specialise in boat cruises and dune adventures where you get up-close and personal with both marine and desert life. Experience sand and sea like never before.

We suggest you choose the Mola Mola Day adventure where you get to enjoy all the best experiences they have to offer in one, epic day! From the beach to the sand dunes, your day will be filled with many wonderful surprises. Start the day with a boat cruise where inquisitive pelicans, seagulls, whales, and dolphins pop by to “say hello.”

On your journey, you will disembark at Pelican Point for a delicious beach braai and end off your day off riding on huge sand dunes in specialised 4×4’s. Tip: It does tend to get windy on the boat so warm clothes are recommended. What are you waiting for? Hop in your car, take the short 3 minute drive to Mola Mola and get ready for an unforgettable experience. Click here for directions.

Quad Biking & Sand Boarding

Does a quad bike trip through the Namib Belt appeal to you? Perhaps sand boarding down dune slopes is more your type of adventure. Either way, Dune 7 Adventures offer both experiences that are designed to thrill and excite you. Explore the Namib deserts breath-taking dunes and get your adrenaline pumping on a quad bike adventure like no other. You get to choose anything from a 30 minute ride to a 2 hour adventure that offers spectacular views and great photo opportunities.

Their sand boarding options include 6 slides standing or lying down on your board and heading down the dunes for the ultimate ride on sand. If scenic drives are more up your alley, Dune 7 offer an unforgettable adventure drive in their Monster Gecko truck. View the impressive Namib dunes from the comfort of a vehicle. End your day off with a scrumptious meal and a cold drink at their restaurant before heading back to the Langholm Hotel. Click here for directions to Dune 7 Adventures. They are open 7 days a week all year-round.

Experience Marine Life

The National Marine Aquarium of Namibia is an intimate venue and ideal for a quick stop before heading to your next adventure. The aquarium highlights the local aquatic life on the Namibian coast and makes you appreciate all that the underwater world has to offer. For a mere 10 Namibian dollars, this is an affordable and really great way to keep you and your family busy.

Take a leisurely walk through the tunnel and experience fish swimming around you overhead. If you’re lucky enough to be there when they feed the fish, you will be in for an exceptional treat. Take a trip down to the aquarium today. It’s a delightful visit and well-worth the price of admission. Click here for directions

Walvis Bay Golfing

If you’re a golfing enthusiast, you may want to pay a visit to this stunning coastal course resembling an oasis in the desert. The Walvis Bay Golf Course is a 9-hole course situated next to the Namibian coastline that offers you fairways designed to test your golfing skills.

The challenging and well maintained course has a local club vibe to it and boasts huge bunkers and great views. Get ready for fast greens and tricky putts on a safe yet wonderful course away from the noise of the city. After your round, you can go hang out with the locals at the clubhouse for a cold beer and great conversation. Click here for directions

Adventure Kayaking

Does kayaking amongst the seals and dolphins sound like an adventure you’d love to experience? Then Pelican Point Kayaking offers that and more. Become part of the ocean on a kayaking experience that allows you to enjoy the wildlife of the sea in their natural habitat. Paddle within touching distance of inquisitive, friendly and playful seals that aren’t afraid to venture close to the kayaks. The guides have an incredible wealth of knowledge of the local wildlife and take the time to explain what you are viewing.

Start your tour off with a scenic 4×4 drive along the Walvis Bay Lagoon and end it with a paddling experience that provides countless photo opportunities. Best of all, you don’t need to be fit or an experienced kayaker to enjoy what the lagoon has to offer. Click here for directions to Pelican Point Kayaking and take a leisurely drive from the Langholm Hotel. Tip: If you have a GoPro, we suggest you take it for great above and below water footage.

Swakopmund Museum

If you’re looking for an educational experience, a visit to the Swakopmund Museum is for you. It is the largest privately run museum in Namibia and is home to a variety of cultural historical objects. Get ready to be transported back in time when you view their extensive collection of Namibian artifacts.

It is rich in information and well-worth the 30 Namibian dollars entrance fee. If you have about 2-3 hours to spare, take a trip to the museum today and absorb the displays they have to offer. There is a museum shop that sells a large variety of books, postcards and souvenirs for you to purchase before you leave. The museum is open daily from 10h00 to 17h00 and offers guided tours.  Click here for directions.

Walvis Bay Shopping

Are you in need of some retail therapy while you stay at the Langholm Hotel? Why not try Dunes Mall? It’s a place where your entire family can dine, connect, and shop in a modern, spacious and clean environment. This conveniently located shopping mall boasts over 70 diverse shops ranging from restaurants to pharmacies and clothing stores, so there’s something for everyone.

The mall is well air-conditioned and offers free wifi and clean restrooms. It’s easily accessible and has ample, spacious parking bays. Located on the main road from the airport to the CBD, this single level mall is open 7 days a week. Click here for directions and head on over for a great shopping experience.

Set off on your next adventure

Are you ready to explore all that Walvis Bay has to offer? Our city is rich in endless sights, amazing people, great hospitality and spectacular views. There are a myriad of exciting things to do within driving distance of the Langholm Hotel so go out and indulge yourself.